Anthony Blake, CEO of The Blake Marketing Group™/Blake InfoMedia™ and CEO/CIA (Chief Idea Architect) of ideathink/BDMGi™ is a business development consultant, marketing strategist, direct response copywriter, author, publisher, speaker, entrepreneur, Internet and entrepreneurial evangelist and visionary based in the Ventura Co., CA community of Santa Paula.

Tony (as his friends call him) is considered by many of his clients as a marketing wizard, marketing mindreader and entrepreneurial genius, having created and implemented mastermind marketing strategies, concepts and techniques for more than 780 businesses in over 83 different industries. He has provided consulting services to everyone from small "mom & pop" home-based businesses to large, multi-billion dollar transnational corporations. And has been known to create more money-making, profit increasing marketing ideas and strategies in one day than most people do in a year... often creating several dozen in a matter of minutes.

As a business development consultant, marketing strategist and direct response copywriter, Tony has created, developed and deployed strategic business and marketing concepts and techniques, direct mail, space ad advertising, press releases and marketing materials for a wide variety of clients, businesses, products and services.

He has appeared in Upside, Wired, The Industry Standard,, USA Today, Success Magazine, Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, In Business, The Star-Free Press, The L.A. Times, NBC, ABC and CNBC; spoken before numerous business groups, organizations and corporations including the Eagle Institute, Prudential Insurance, and many others. Tony is also featured in the book "301 Do-It-Yourself Marketing Ideas" published by Inc. Magazine (edited by Sam Decker and is also a recipient of the 2003 NRCC Businessman Of The Year Award and sits on the Business Advisory Council.

Tony is the editor and publisher of Anthony Blake's Principles of Marketing E-Zine™, the upcoming Blake Report™ blogletter, as well as numerous profit increasing special reports, information products, audios and videos.

His extremely popular website, "Anthony Blake Online™" receives more than 5 million visits a month, and his Entrepreneurial Success Forum™ is one of the most popular marketing discussion boards on the net. Tony's exclusive "Gold Mentor Inner Circle Program™" gives emerging and existing entrepreneurs the opportunity to consult and work with him on their business ideas, ventures, growth, marketing and product development.

Tony is the innovator and director of the Blackbelt Marketing Institute™, founder of the Copywriters Institute Of America™ and president of the Prosperity Institute™. He also the author and publisher of several new books including:

  • Advertising Magic
  • Postcard Profits!
  • Psychic Mastery
  • Copywriting Secrets Exposed!
  • The Bread-N-Butter Marketers Workshop
  • Blackbelt PR: Free Advertising Secrets You Can Use To Explode Your Business' Success! (with Mike Van Norden)
  • Marketing MindReading™: How To Get "Inside" The Head Of Your Prospects & Customers And Dynamically Increase Sales and Profits (to be published in Fall 2003)
  • And Both The Blackbelt Marketing™ And "Inside The Marketers Mind™" Tape Series

Tony's electronic marketing and web incubator/development company ideathink/BDMGi™ is creating exciting new web destinations and ways to market products and services on the Internet.™ another of Tony's companies is being developed as an Internet advertising solution for SOHO/Mid-size companies venturing onto the Internet and looking for exposure.

In his off time Tony is a working/performing mentalist and magician, collects tin toys and classic GI Joe's, loves flyfishing, golf, cooking, Starbucks Latte's and fine Cuban cigars.

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