Each Day Nicholas And I Will Share Photo's With You
From Our Speaking Engagement At
The Eagle Institute Renaissance Experience Seminar
Held At The Resort At Squaw Creek, Lake Tahoe, CA.

Day One - The Trip

Here Is Nicholas, His Wife Holly And
My Mom Nancy Before Leaving For Tahoe


The Notorious Guy At The Back Is...
Well, You Know Who He Is...


Here We All Are In Stockton, CA
Pausing For My Favorite Beverage,
A Startbucks Chai Tea Latte!


Starbucks Really Makes The World Go 'Round...
Especially During A 10-Hour Road Trip!


No, This Isn't Carol Merril...
It's That Shady Character Herr Schmidt
Demonstrating A Little Pick Me Up...


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The Pictures Above Were Shot With
A Sony Mavica FD91 Digital Camera At 640x480 Fine Mode
And Edited With Sierra's Snapshot

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